Rules of Co-operation

The contributions should be original. However, the acceptance of previous published articles in other languages beside Portuguese can be exceptionally considered.

The proposed articles to be published should be delivered in a diskette, along with two printed copies in paper, with a reference from the word processing program which was used.

Notes, consecutively numbered throughout the text should be presented at the end of the article.

Texts should be attached to a maximum 100 words summary, in Portuguese, French and English and a selection of five key-words.

All the articles addressed to the editorship, after being analysed will be sent to two referees who will present their written analysis. The publication decision will have in consideration the referee's analysis.

The authors will be permitted the revision of their articles' printed tests accordingly to the editor's settled date.

20 off-prints from their articles, will be offered to the authors.

The originals will not be returned, whether they are published or not, unless the author travels to have his/hers originals back.