Ler História 19/1990


Luís de Albuquerque
Pedro Nunes and the sea men of his time

Armando de Castro
Portuguese Overseas Expansion Structural Economical Weaknesses-15/17 centuries

Rui Loureiro
Portugal's search for China: illusions and realities (1498-1514)

António Vasconcelos de Saldanha
14 century Captaincies Concession and Juridical Statute

Carmen Radulet
The political view of José da Silva Lisboa and the doctrine of António Vieira

Maria Beatriz Nizza da Silva
Family Relations and S. Vicente Captaincy Patrimony (1578-1609)

John Manuel Monteiro
Indigenous Brazil in the Sixteenth Century: Tupi Historical Dynamics and the Origins of Colonial Society

Ângela Domingues
Scientific exploitation journeys through Amazonia in the late 18 century

George Winius
The very word "discovery" is a catch-all one, whose precise meaning tends to vary between epochs and even between writers and institutions