Ler História 23/1993


Ângela Domingues
The Amazonian's Indians in the impressions of an naturalist from the 18 century

Zília Osório de Castro
King's Power and Society Rights: Absolutism of D. Maria I's Reign

Irene Vaquinhas
Some Aspects of Rural Violence in Comarca of Coimbra, Montemor-o-Velho and Penacova from 1858 to 1918

Lúcia Maria Pereira das Neves
Book-trading and censorship: The activity of French book-trading in Brazil and the surveillance of the Mesa do Desembargo do Paço (1795-1822)

José Maria Cardesin Diaz
Ricos, Labradores, caseiros and camareiras: economics changes and juridical-political, and social structure in a galician peasant-NW of Spain

Maurice Godelier
«Mirror, mirror on the wall...» The once and future role of anthropology: a tentative assessment