Ler História 26/1994


A.H. Oliveira Marques
Lisbon in the Late Middle Age- a monumental-touristical view

Nuno Luís Madureira
Credit and financial markets in Lisbon

Teresa Rodrigues
Migrational Movements in Lisbon. Estimation and effects in the urban populational structure (XIX century)

Magda Pinheiro
The railway of Lisbon

Dominique Barjot
French engineering contractors and the infrastructural equipment of Portugal: a manyfacetted contribution (md-19 century-mid-1970s)

José-Augusto França
Going to the cinema in Lisbon in the Thirties

Graça Índias Cordeiro
The social construction of a Lisbon neighbourhood: the maritime vocation of Bica through its birth registrations (1886-1970)

Vítor Matias Ferreira
Social Innovation and Urban changing in the Modern Lisbon (1850-1980)

Luís Vicente Baptista
«Urban growth and residential coexistence: case study of a nonplanified town district «at the door step of the city of Lisbon» (1940-90)