Ler História 27 e 28/1995


Giulio Sapelli
Civilisation, culture and business history

Luis Alonso Alvarez
Transformations into the consumption guidelines and the increasing of the demand in the origins of the industrialisation: the tobacco in Spain, 1735-1886

Bela Feldman-Bianco and Donna Huse
Between homesickness and America: cultural memory, life experiences and reconstruction of feminine identity in the intersection of cultures

Guilherme Pereira das Neves
From Luso-Brazilian Empire to Empire of Brazil (1789-1822)

Gladys Sabina Ribeiro
«Brasileiros, vamos a eles!»: national identity and social control in Brazilian First Empire

José Castro and José Luís Garcia
A Batalha and the colonial question

Idalina Conde
Artists, Renaissance and Foundations

Maria Carlos Radich
The know-how of resining in Portugal