Ler História 31/1996


Maria Margarida de Sá Nogueira Lalanda
Internal areas of the island of S. Miguel in the 16 and 17 centuries

José Damião Rodrigues
From merchants to landowners: British paths in the Azores (17 and 18 centuries)

Avelino de Freitas de Meneses

Azorean migration within the insular and metropolitan areas in the mid-eighteenth century

Margarida Vaz do Rego Machado
The agriculture of S. Miguel at the end of the Ancien Regime

Maria Isabel João
Identity and Autonomy

Gilberta Pavão Nunes Rocha
The population of the Azores in the Portuguese demographic context in the first half of the 20 century

Carlos Enes
The Festivities of the Holy Ghost in the Azores: reasons for permanence and causes of decline

José Medeiros Ferreira

Azores's autonomy and political regimes in Portugal