Ler História 33/1997


Robert Rowland
Inquisition, intolerance and exclusion

Henry Kamen
Exclusion and intolerance in early modern Spain

Humberto Baquero Moreno

Exclusion and social marginality in 15th century Portugal

José Pedro Paiva
Two popular visions of Hell and Paradise

Fernanda Olival
How a Portuguese New Christian family obtained access to the Military Order of Christ

Maria de Fátima Sá and Melo Ferreira
Liralism, religion and politics: the «schism» of the Portuguese Church and the question of religious tolerance

Fernando Catroga
Heterodoxy and resistance in the last rite of passage: civil funerals before the Republic

Benedicta Duque Vieira
Religious toleration and education - Portugal in the 1990s