Ler História 34/1998


José-Augusto França
The art criticism in Portugal in the XIX century

Miriam Halpern Pereira
Oliveira Martins and the «fontismo»

José Machado Pais
The Enigma of fado and the luso-afro-brazilian identity

Teresa Rodrigues and Piedade Braga Santos
Central power and local power: a case of conflict. The epidemics of 1804-1805

Rui Manuel Brás
Lisbon shoemakers and the economical liberalism (1850-1926)

Pedro Janarra

Urban politics and social housing planning in the Estado Novo, the case of the Alvalade quarter: the project and its realisation

Luís Vicente Baptista
Home, family and ideology: the politic of «one family houses neighbourhoods» in Portugal in the 30's