Ler História 37/1999


Lothar Machtan
Forging the German Sozialstaat: Bismarck's social policy

Řyvind Bjřrnson
The founding years of the Norwegian Welfare State

Miriam Halpern Pereira
The origins of the Welfare State in Portugal: private and public in debate

Maria Dolores de la Calle Velasco and Mariano Esteban de Veja
The origins of the Social State in Spain

Anne Cova

The rise of the Welfare State in France. Maternity protection and women's movements, 1892-1939

Lúcia Maria Bastos Neves
The private and the public in the cultural relations between Brazil and Portugal and France (1808-1822)

Maria Luís Rocha Pinto
The demographic transition in the municipality of Castelo Branco (1864-1950)

Maria Eugénia Mata
Industry and employment in Lisbon in the second half of the XIX century

Sofia Gaspar
Some reflections on the historical evolution of anorexia nervosa