Ler História 39/2000

Dossier: Brasil

Laura de Mello e Souza
The affective vision of landscape in Minas Gerais in the XVIII century

Ângela Domingues

To a better knowledge of colonial dominion: the constitution of "information networks" in the Portuguese Empire in late XVIII century

Guilherme Pereira das Neves

As Ariadne's thread in the intricate world's labyrinth: the idea of Lusitanian and Brazilian Empire in Pernambuco (1800-1822)

Maria Beatriz Nizza da Silva
Women in the colony: a history to be done

Avelino de Freitas de Meneses
From Azores to remote Brazil: the motivations of Azorean colonization of Santa Catarina.

Nuno Valério
The image of the «brasileiro» in the literary work of Júlio Dinis

Andrea Klimt

Migrants, peasants, or explorers: arguments about national selves amongst Portuguese migrants in Germany